Enough about you, let's talk about me

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If Flat and Scruggs were to somehow have a love child with Jimmy Page, and that child was adopted by a band of gypsy carpenters who spent their evenings in deep conversations about love, life, God, and the best stout, and then that child fell in love with the tone and feel of the acoustic guitar, that child's music would sound a lot like mine. At least that's what I like to tell myself. 
What I have been attempting for many years now is to meld the things that I like about rock, bluegrass, soul, and folk into a unique sound that could reasonably be played anywhere with or without electricity. So I try hard to stick with acoustic instrumentation (or what would be if it were an actual band). One of my favorite dreams would be to set up deep along some wilderness trail and put on a show for the hikers. 
You won't hear any Marshal stacks in my tunes, not that I don't think they are awesome, it's just not what I do. The music is on the quiet side of things. Though if you can dance to it I'd be quite thrilled.