Troy O'Shann

Yesterday we held a memorial for Troy O'Shann one of the guys from my rock and roll days back in the 80's.

Troy lost his life in a hiking accident in Big Sur.

I can't say we were real close…


The place where songs are born


The hardest part of songwriting for me has always been the lyrics. If they don’t just come out all at once I almost never happy with them, and so the song never sees the light of day. 


The Last Ant


When I was a child I was very curious about everything (still am). At one point I wanted to be an entomologist. I read everything I could find on insects. I asked my folks for an ant farm but I…


My roots

I’ve always been drawn to the sound and feel of acoustic music. America's first two albums, The Eagles Desparado record, Cat Stevens' Tea for the Tillerman and Teaser and the Fire Cat al had the music I tried to learn…


First gig

My first ever gig was New Years Eve 1976 with my high school band Genicide. Freeman Lee on bass, John Anderson on drums, Bob Giacaglia and Steve Morris(?) on guitar. I was just singing. It was a keg party at…



I dropped my truck off for new tires yesterday and since I was only a couple of blocks from work I decided to walk. As I was walking I started quietly singing the song that was in my head. After…