Troy O'Shann

Yesterday we held a memorial for Troy O'Shann one of the guys from my rock and roll days back in the 80's.

Troy lost his life in a hiking accident in Big Sur.

I can't say we were real close, our lives ran in different circles other than the music scene. To say that he was a presence would be an understatement. He was funny, gregarious and upbeat. I envied him with how at home he was onstage, as I have never been that way. I remember one time when he heard one of my folk tunes, Good to See You, and was very moved by the words. I don't know that he ever understood how much that meant to me. 

You probably know people that are so alive that you can't imagine them not being there. Troy was one of those guys. He is missed by many, I'm glad to have shared the stage with him and I hope he has found a home with his Maker.

Rest in peace my friend