i don't claim to know much 'bout much
'cept for there is a god
and he aint me
i don't claim to walk like a saint
but i'm pretty sure that's what he wants me to be
i don't claim that i can look down on you
'cause of where i spend my sundays

but i know for sure
there's an open door
but it won't be there forever
hope you can find it in your heart
to enter in

i don't claim to have all the loose ends
wrapped up tight
and tied in a bow
i don't claim to know every turn
but there are some places
i will not go
done many things that i wish that i didn't
but that's my own weight to tow


it's never black and white
till the light comes shining through
sometimes you throw the fight
'cause there aint nothing left to be proved

i don't claim that i can see into heaven
or that i built those mansions
or i choose who can take em
i don't claim that you should follow my rules
but there are some rule
it's just that i didn't make em
on the day when i go to my rest
i gotta know
i reached out for you