Courtney Newby joins me on this track.

a parable


tempted and torn
casting her bread on the water
forsaken and scorned
she has strength that comes with the wind
see her in the morning
she's lifting her hands
as she dwells by the well of no water
calm in an instant
she makes no demands
she knows time will bring her a hero

and as I watch for the light in her eyes
I wonder just how much she knows
that all things have been given to her
so he tells me
so the wind blows

my love walks with the angels
she dresses in gowns of scarlett and blue
she goes where her hands are for healing
to the ends of the earth
till her time is through

marvelous name
i swear i once heard her whisper
forever the same
and i wondered
what kind of virtue is that?
but i look around me
at this troubled world
and i notice not one thing is stable
round and round
onward and downward
if i could i would stop it
but i am not able

there's a light
she's showing
in a night
so blue
come away
she's going
to a love
so true