Soap Operas

 When I was a kid, my mom used to watch a soap opera called Dark Shadows which was a story about Vampires. This was before the Satanic Panic of the 1980's after which I doubt anything like Dark Shadows would have gotten the green light from network lawyers. 

 Soaps are a strange phenomenon in the first place but what a bizarre story line. I don’t remember any uproar about it either. Folks just seemed to take it in stride that thousands of housewives were doing their ironing while keeping up on the day to day of blood sucking fiends and either tuned in or didn’t. 

 At the beginning of the 80’s I was going to school and working as a CNA at a convalescent home. One of my tasks was to assist residents who weren’t able to feed themselves. They always had the tv on and at lunchtime and I was drawn into following a soap called General Hospital. 

 The main characters were a man named Luke and a woman named Laura. I don’t know if all soaps are like this, but I get the feeling that there's no plot line that is too far fetched. 

 At one point Luke raped Laura, but it turned out that in reality it was because deep down inside he truly loved her and they ended up getting married. Oh, and they got abducted by aliens. 

 Sure, why not right?

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